My home is surrounded by the myriad details of nature, the close up views of forest floors and tree trunks, pools of water full of vegetation and busy insects, collections of pebbles and

lichen-covered rocks.        


Although not always recognisable, these elements are the subjects of my textile art.

I try to convey the essence of the environment around me rather than a realistic representation and my focus is on the intricate details, not the panoramic landscape.

I have a fascination for beetles and the patterns on their wing covers. Looking at them through a microscope I am mesmerized. Our world is full of so much beauty, and a lot of it is absolutely tiny. It is sheer pleasure observing these living jewels.

As I explored the patterns on the beetle wing casings I couldn’t ignore the connections of the emerging designs with so many other things in our universe. The spots could be star systems or skin markings or the landscape of an aboriginal painting.

I express the marks with textiles, usually cotton sateen, that are painted with dyes and the surface is layered up with dye painted organzas, silks and velvets.

In 2007 I began a Bachelor of Natural History Illustration degree. I have now finished the degree with First Class Honours. The skills I have learnt over the past years are inevitably informing the textile journey that I am also continuing. I will still express my love of the natural world but my media and techniques have expanded to include a wider range of materials, such as

paper, coloured pencil and watercolour paint.

I hope you enjoy wandering through the galleries of my work, historical and current, and perhaps find inspiration to make your own statement about our world, using textiles.





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